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The working group Gynecological Oncology (Gynäkologische Onkologie AGO) is an independent community of the German Society for Gynecology and Obstetrics (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gynäkologie und Geburtshilfe DGGG) and the German Cancer Society (Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft DKG).

The AGO pursues the goal of promoting science and research as well as the training and education of medical professionals. The main disciplines are gynecological oncology and breast tumors. Scientific and organizational management in these disciplines constitute the main tasks of the association.

Tasks of the association:

Coordinating the prevention, diagnostics, therapy, and aftercare of cancer, including interdisciplinary clinical and theoretical disciplines and basic research. Together with and for the patients, research in these areas should be conducted as optimally as possible.

  • Representing the concerns of the association at scientific congresses.
  • Developing, promoting, and implementing early detection and evaluation of methods, procedures, and programs for preventive care, diagnostics, therapy, and aftercare at gynecological-oncological clinics, research institutions, and gynecological-oncological practices.
  • Promoting, coordinating, and conducting scientific examinations, especially clinical-scientific and health service research studies, and promoting scientific institutions in further developing gynecological oncology and establishing standards and guidelines.

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Statement concerning cooperation between AGO and the pharmaceutical industry

Currently, AGO is working together with the pharmaceutical industry, with special attention being given to the Breast Cancer Commission. The Breast Cancer Commission prepares therapy recommendations annually that promptly take into account current developments in oncology based on studies and contributions at the “AGO State of the Art” congress. 

This work is conducted on a voluntary basis and in the free time of AGO members. Without exception, only members of the Breast Cancer Commission take part in the meeting. After discussing the data in detail, recommendations are only approved by the AGO members. The therapy recommendations are then presented to the public at the state of the art session. Members of the pharmaceutical industry are not present in an advisory capacity or during voting at any time while therapy recommendations are being drawn up. In order to make any possible conflicts of interest of the commissions transparent, all members of the commissions are obliged to provide statements concerning their conflicts of interest once a year.

The activities of the AGO, including the development of therapy recommendations, are supported by contributions from AGO members. Industry can join AGO e.V. as a supporting member. These members are also listed on the AGO homepage in the area of ​​sponsoring members. The sponsoring members are not entitled to vote or provide advice and do not participate in committee meetings.

The board of the AGO (2013, August)

Official cooperation between ESGO and AGO

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